Moo Do Wisdom - The Right Action

Wed, 06/10/2009 - 7:42pm — Grandmaster
The Right Understanding leads to the Right Thoughts and the Right Thoughts leads to the Right Words. The Right Words lead to the Right Action.
The Right Actions can also be translated as the “right conduct”.   This includes acting in ways that bring honor to oneself or to others. It requires being mindful, deliberate, and aware of your every behavior. It takes great discipline and self control…two traits common to those who are on a quest to be their best.
In Tang Soo Do, the right action is embodied in our Five (5) Codes of Tang Soo Do, our Seven (7) Tenets, and our Ten (10) Attitudinal Requirements and or articles of faith. For leadership, it includes the Five (5) Laws. These include being loyal which is a two way proposition, support, no secrets, follow-up and follow through, and Kaizen growth or constant and never ending improvement.
The Right Action is demonstrated in Tang Soo Do as part of our Moo Do culture.  The “Martial Way” is to focus on mental growth through being mindful. The right action also includes a focus on physical growth through active training, and spiritual/emotional growth through patience, perseverance, persistence, and purpose.
The two primary components of our “Moo Do culture” is discipline and respect. This is one of the reasons we bow in Tang Soo Do. It is to develop humility and also to demonstrate gratitude. Most of all, it is to foster respect and mindfulness. I dear friend of mine once said, martial arts starts and ends with respect and this is why we bow at the beginning, during, and the end of each class.”
Peak performers and those on the path to self mastery have a special responsibility to do what is right.
We are aware that we study an action philosophy and that the “Do” in Tang Soo Do is about walking a path. The “Masters Path” is a virtuous path. It is a moral path. Since we learn and practice potentially lethal technique, there’s a special responsibility that goes with practicing the art.  
On the quest to be our best we must remain congruent between the code, creed, tenets and our actions. This includes how we care for our mind, body, and spirit. It also includes our ability to step out of our comfort zone and accept risk and change.
Be a peak performance warrior by remaining mindful of your every action.
Be alert, aware, and awake! Be bold and dare to be outstanding!!!
Live with Energy, Passion, and Purpose…
Tang Soo!!!
Grandmaster St. James