Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation 2016 TAC Tour - A Real Deal Experience

Tue, 05/03/2016 - 1:40pm — webmaster

The Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation concluded its nearly three month long 2016
national Technical Advisory Committee tour (TAC tour) on March 26, 2016 in Dover, NH. This
was the 6th annual TAC Tour presented by the APTSDF, and its most successful by far.

Organized by Federation Grandmaster, Kwan Jang Nim J. John St. James, 8th Dan, this year's
TAC Tour included stops at member schools in twelve different states, and promoted important
core technical skills related to the art of "Real Deal" street defense or Ho Sin Sul to 533
attendees of all age groups in 20 different Federation member schools. Kwan Jang Nim St. James
is quoted as calling the tour "The best yet!"
This year's primary goal of the APTSDF TAC Tour program was to encourage fundamental growth in member schools in teaching and mastering what you need to survive on the street. The curriculum for the tour established by Kwan Jang Nim St. James and assisted by International Master Antonio Rivera, 6th Dan, Sr. Master Michael Jett, 5th Dan, and Master Rachel Chisum, 4th Dan was designed to effectively communicate and teach both the guiding principles of "Real Deal" Ho Sin Sul to member schools through effective demonstration and hands-on experience via real time situations and confrontations.

The 2016 TAC Tour curriculum featured concentrations on Ho Sin Jok Sul (self-defense kicking), Kwon Jyel Sul (joint locking from grab, punch, and weapon), body-hold defenses, advanced pressure point defensive tactics and strikes (Kuepso Chirigi), and Nak Bub (break falling). Incorporated along with these practical applications, the TAC Tour also took a focus on studying the Neh Kong (internal power), Weh Kong (external power), and Shim Kong (spiritual power) as they relate to being able to heal first before learning how to harm. The Kwan Jang Nim stated many times during this year's TAC Tour, "Before you learn how to hurt someone, you must first learn how to heal them."

As the Kwan Jang Nim explained, it is also important to understand that combat is just one aspect of the martial arts, which should be equally concerned with physical well-being and emotional and spiritual evolution. Next year's curriculum (Real Deal - The Art of Self Defense Part 2) will cover more advanced curriculum and include ground techniques and more advanced self-defense from weaponry including the knife and gun. Some of these subjects were touched on this year and yet the Kwan Jang Nim feels more time and in-depth study is needed. There will also be time put aside next year for the fundamentals of healing including acupressure and select revival techniques.