2015 Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation Southwest Regional Championships and Dan Shim Sa

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Largest Championship in the Region


The Southwest Region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation held its 3rd annual Dan Shim Sa (black belt test) and Championships November 13-15. Kwan Jang Nim St. James, International Master Deborah Jett, and Senior Master Michael Jett traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to help host activities. Senior Master Mark Farquharson traveled from Aurora, Colorado to help as well. Regional school owners and their students from Thunderbird Martial Arts, Albuquerque, NM; Colorado Tang Soo Do, Aurora, CO; Abilene Karate Academy, Abilene, TX; and DFW Tang Soo Do, Ft. Worth, TX; made the trip to participate. West Texas Karate, Lubbock, TX, hosted the weekend’s events.

 Championship commemorative coins were offered for $5 each to help support the APTSD Foundation, a non-profit organization offering karate programs for at-risk youth who cannot afford to pay for training. Only 100 coins were available for sale and all 100 were sold before the event began – a first for the federation. Due to the high demand of the commemorative coins, the regional schools have discussed increasing the number available for the next event which will help raise more funds for the foundation. The foundation continues to locate sponsors and funding to open additional programs through other Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation schools. For donations, please visit http://www.aptsdfoundation.org/index.html.

 Thursday night, Kwan Jang Nim offered a special training session in Tang Um through the Healing Warrior Society. Tang Um is the soft-style system of Tang Soo Do which is offered within The Healing Warrior’s Society, a special program for more mature students and for those who are injured who may have physical limitations but want to continue to train. The session was jam packed at West Texas Karate along with some parents of students. Healing Warrior Society trainings and retreats are scheduled to launch in 2016.

 During the day Friday, Kwan Jang Nim and International Master Deborah Jett toured the Llano Estacado Winery before a long night of testing. The winery recently completed a large expansion with a bridal room, multiple reception areas, and a larger gift and wine tasting room. The group was hosted by Llano’s Vice President and Executive Wine Maker, Mr. Greg Bruni, also a student of Tang Soo Do.

 Friday evening, over 40 students participated in the Dan Shim Sa as testers or mid-term testers. Most of the regional schools were represented on the floor. The physical examination consisted of agility, stamina, basic techniques, advanced kicking, forms, self-defense, weapons forms, sparring, and breaking. Kwan Jang Nim announced the Best of Test for the adults and children. The Adult Best of Test was David Farquharson of Colorado Tang Soo Do, Aurora, CO. The Children’s Best of Test was Adam Crone of West Texas Karate, Lubbock, TX.

 The next day was the championships hosted by West Texas Karate at Aldersgate Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Over 140 students competed in forms, weapons forms, sparring, and breaking. Black belts kicked off the championships early Saturday morning while other students checked in and watched the competitions. The audience was energized with watching the black belts compete with intensity and control. During the opening ceremonies, Kwan Jang Nim announced the black belt grand champions – Kyo Sa Alicia Galvan for the Women’s Grand Champion and Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle for the Men’s Grand Champion.

 The championship floor was filled with five rings to accommodate the many competitors. Competitors were excited to compete with family and friends watching and cheering for everyone. Students that were waiting for their division to be called helped with check-ins, holding boards, and more to make sure the tournament ran smoothly. Cheers and applause were heard throughout the day as each division competed. Many competitors walked away with medals and big smiles, proud of their accomplishments.


Following the championships, Kwan Jang Nim offered a powerful seminar entitled, “Living Intentionally” at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. His seminar was motivational and offered many suggestions to living intentionally and how to be a good leader. School owners, instructors, students, family, and friends and Texas Tech faculty staff attended the two hour seminar and were very satisfied with the message KJN St. James offered.

 Saturday night, school owners were invited to 50 Yard Line for dinner and a Southwest Regional School Owner’s meeting. The school owners enjoyed a variety of appetizers and great food. Regional Director, Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle, lead the discussion of the weekend’s events and upcoming events for the year.

 The weekend was concluded with an early morning School Owner’s training followed by a Black Belt training offered by Senior Master Mark Farquharson. Instructors and students look forward to Senior Master Farquharson’s training sessions with each event and this one proved worthy. Students worked on advanced kicks and kicking sets.

 The Southwest Region is growing fast with new students joining and senior students advancing. Each event provides students with a new understanding of the art of Tang Soo Do, creating anticipation for more events. The next regional event is scheduled for March 2015, the annual TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) Tour, with primary instructors being Kwan Jang Nim and Senior Master Michael Jett. The region has also scheduled their Leadership Camp for June 10-12 in Floydada, TX. Tang Soo!!


 by Kyo Sa Alicia Galvan  


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