2015 Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation Southwest Regional Leadership Camp and Dan Shim Sa

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The Southwest Region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation hosted its first Leadership Camp from June 12-14. The Leadership Camp was held at Plains Baptist Assembly in Floydada, Texas with 75 in attendance, including masters, instructors, instructor assistants, and students from the region. The weekend was kicked off with a dan shim sa (black belt test) on Friday night. While the dan shim sa was taking place, non-testers enjoyed an early dinner, and training in open hand forms and hand techniques. This first year’s theme was, “Build. Grow. Lead.” as the region focused on building and growing future leaders of the Federation.

The dan shim sa was attended by 13 testers and reviewers. Meghan Farquharson, cho dan, received “Best of Test,” and David Danforth, cho dan, received Best of Review. After the dan shim sa, testers enjoyed a late dinner while the whole camp group came together for an orientation and leadership presentation by Kwan Jang Nim St. James. Kwan Jang Nim offered inspiration in areas of leadership, training, and goal setting. During orientation, Mr. Paul Lopez of Thunderbird Martials Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico, was recognized for developing the Federation and region’s first ever commemorative coin to commemorate this year’s leadership camp. Proceeds from sales of the coin go to the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation, a non-profit (501c3) organization which helps fund Tang Soo Do schools in the federation and offers free training to at-risk children and teens.

The next morning started off with an early PiYo (Pilates and yoga) session for adults. Next was a Certified Instructor Training (CIT) examination and interviews with five (5) candidates testing for certified instructor rank in the federation, while campers were preparing for breakfast. After breakfast, campers attended a brief orientation of expectations for camp before breaking out into training sessions for the day. The day’s sessions included open hand form group practice, kicking combinations, Ho Sin Sul Basic 9, and Nunchucks taught by regional masters and instructors. After a lunch break, campers moved on to extracurricular activities offered by camp personnel – zip line, ropes, archery, and swimming. Kwan Jang Nim and instructors enjoyed the zip line along with students.

Before dinner, campers moved into Bong (bo staff) training with Senior Master Michael Jett. The session was hosted outside in a large field where campers could spread out and work on whip staff. After dinner, Kwan Jang Nim provided a presentation on the Healing Warriors Society for adults while the five (5) CIT candidates taught the remaining campers self-defense techniques. Later, campers enjoyed sessions in pressure points, conditioning, and a Healing Warriors’ Society talk given by Bu Sabom Peter Estrada and Kyo Sa’s Gilbert Danforth and Paul Dulaney. The evening was rounded off by a Youth Max Session provided by Kwan Jang Nim for all children 17 years and younger while Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle provided a leadership discussion for adults of the group around the campfire. Kwan Jang Nim also held a Southwest Regional Studio Owners Meeting to discuss the success of camp and regional plans for the next year.

The next morning, Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle provided adults with a Yogaflex session to start the day. Kwan Jang Nim then provided instructors with an instructor’s training workout session which focused on open hand forms. After breakfast the group took pictures against the cap rock surrounding the camp before the last sessions of the weekend. The morning sessions included Shil Ki or practical application from our traditional Tang Soo Do form or hyung, free sparring tactics, and ground fighting strategies. Next, all campers went outside for group hyung to the beat of a make shift drum (in this case escrima sticks) under Kwan Jang Nim’s direction.

Finally, a closing ceremony and belt presentation was held to end the weekend. Mr. Antonio Martinez of West Texas Karate was presented with his e dan stripe. Master Farquharson was presented with the rank of Senior Master (5th Degree). Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle was named the new Regional Director for the Southwest Region. Special thanks were given the Bu Sabom Chad Hinkle for his organizing of the camp, Kyo Sa Alicia Gauna for her assistance with coordinating the camp, and Mr. Paul Lopez for creating the first-ever commemorative coin.


All in all, it was a great first ever Southwestern Regional Leadership Camp and we all can’t wait for the next one.
Tang Soo!!!


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