2014 Southeast Regional Black Belt Camp and Dan Shim Sa

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 10:40pm — webmaster

The Southeastern region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation had its annual Instructor’s Symposium, Black Belt Camp, and Dan Shim Sa on the weekend of November 7 – 9, 2014. Everything was held once again at Camp ASCCA in Jackson’s Gap, AL. The Instructor Training Symposium (ITS) & Camp started on Friday morning November 7th at 9am. We had 200 Masters, instructors, instructor trainees & students coming together for the weekend to learn, grow, and share

Friday evening we had our fall cycle black belt test with over 65 testing or mid-terming to black belt or advanced black belt rank. There was a tie for the best overall test for the children between Anna Segars of Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts and Ethan Sandberg of Karate World of North Georgia. Andrew Tschida of Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts won best of test for the adults. Everyone was particularly proud of the overall sprit displayed throughout the over three hour test. Those students who didn’t participate in the test were treated to an early dinner and classes in self-defense (rolls and falls), empty hand forms, and staff (Bong). After the test, everyone gathered for camp orientation and a late dinner for all those who tested including the Shim Sa Kwan Nim which consisted of the regional Masters.

The next morning, camp started with a warm-ups. We continued with breakout classes for forms after a great presentation by Master Will Potter on Leadership 101. After lunch, the children were able to choose from several recreational activities including archery, zip-line, miniature golf, and or some extra training in the pavilion. While the children were enjoying the recreational activities, the adults worked out in the pavilion and all regional leadership (school owners) attended a leadership meeting put on by KJN St. James. Throughout the day, the campers had multiple class options from, jump spinning kicks, ho sin sul, sparring, and weapons classes.

Saturday evening’s program started with dinner and then Kwan Jang Nim St. James gave a very motivational presentation on The 7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership. After that, more breakout sessions were held on various segments of our traditional weh gong. Later, the children got to see a movie, and the teens had a party in the game room and pavilion. The adults enjoyed the annual bon fire where they toasted marshmallows and enjoyed seeing their friends from throughout the region.

On Sunday morning after breakfast, more classes were offered including forms to the drum conducted by Kwan Jang Nim. This has become a camp tradition, and teaches everyone to really become one with the selected form. Finally, we ended with a graduation ceremony which consisted of many black belts being presented with their embroidered belts, ranking stripes, and or certificates. This group had successfully completed a six month probationary or look see period. The most important graduation of the day was the following people being promoted to: Int. Master Stacy Busby, Yuk Dan, Int. Master Deborah Jett, Yuk Dan, Master Chris Chisum, 4th Dan, Master Randall Leverett, 4th Dan, Sister Kathleen Navarra, 4th Dan Black Belt, and Mr. Chris Watson, 4th Dan Black Belt.

As everyone packed up to go home, I looked around to see people hugging new friends and old. It is always such a special time when we get together for camp and we are already looking forward to next year.

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By International Master Deborah Jett, Yuk Dan