2014 Southeastern Regional Championships and Dan Shim Sa

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 8:46pm — webmaster

On the weekend of April 25th 26th, the southeastern region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation had its spring cycle Dan Shim Sa (Black Belt test) and review, as well as its annual championships in Trussville, Alabama.  As always, it was a great opportunity to renew friendships, test ourselves and strengthen our Tang Soo spirit.

The weekend began Friday night, with over 50 Black Belts and Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt Candidates) testing or reviewing at the Trussville Civic Center. The black belt test opened with the announcement of the high scores on the written test. Kaitlyn Luce of Smiths Tang Soo Do scored the highest among the children (99%/A+), and among the adults, Mindy Shores of Karate World of North Georgia scored 97%. The Black Belt test was quite challenging, which is the Federations tradition. Best of test was awarded to Ryan McGovern of Karate World of North Georgia for the children and Karista Colwell of Tennessee Tang Soo Do Studio won best of test honors for the adults.  It was a great night watching all these students working towards their next level of training.

 We were back at the civic center early the next morning for the judges meeting and black belt competition.  Many color belts came early to see the exciting Black Belt competition.  As the black belts competed, everyone began gathering for opening ceremonies.  We had over 260 registered competitors from all over the Southeast.

 After the black belt competition, we began the opening ceremonies.  The Grand Championship Cups for the black belt competition were awarded to Heather Trundle of Karate World of North Georgia for the women and Ian Rhoades also of Karate World of North Georgia for the men. Following this were black belt presentations for candidates who had successfully completed their six (6) month probationary period. 

 The tournament lasted into the late afternoon, and was a great success. All of the students performed with great Tang Soo Spirit.  I was proud to see all the color belts encouraging each other, and demonstrating not only great technique but great sportsmanship. 

 Saturday evening, there was a celebration and or victory dinner held at Munoz Mexican Restaurant for all leadership including Masters and school owners. Fun was had by all.

The weekend finished on Sunday, April 27th with Kwan Jang Nim and senior Federation Masters conducting a Federation instructor exam. Three candidates tested for their instructor licenses. Congratulations to Allister Akong, David Watson-Jones, and Chris Wigmore for successfully testing to certified instructor in the APTSDF. Afterwards, there was a Masters and school owners workout conducted by Kwan Jang Nim.

 Sr. Master Heather Potter and Master Will Potter did a great job hosting this years regional championships. Their team did a wonderful job all weekend long. Most of all, we would like to thank Kwan Jang Nim for bringing us all together for such a wonderful weekend.  


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