2014 APTSDF TAC Tour - The Art of Dae Ryun (Building the Foundation)

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 5:00pm — webmaster

This year’s Technical Advisory Committee’s “TAC” Tour was the best to date. The tour which was conducted by Grandmaster John St. James, 8th Dan and Senior Master Michael Jett, 5th Dan started in early February in Louisiana and just wrapped up a week ago in Lindale, Texas. During the four (4) week seminar tour, Kwan Jang Nim and Master Jett taught 435 students from eleven (11) different states making this year’s tour over 100 students larger than any tour before it.

The tour went as far north as Maine and New Hampshire to as far south as Georgia and as far west as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rave reviews were the norm as the Grandmaster led the group in the foundational skills of the art of sparring or Dae Ryun. Students were treated to skills and drills in three (3) different categories of sparring. These included:

  • Yak Sok Dae Ryun or Pre-arranged Sparring
  • Ja Yu Dae Ryun or Free Sparring
  • Da Soo Dae Ryun or Group Sparring


The Grandmaster also briefly covered two other categories of sparring including:

  • Shi Hap Dae Ryun or Tournament Sparring, and…
  • Shil Ki Dae Ryun or Reality Sparring

The seminars were formatted so students could learn core competency curriculum through mental exercise (Neh Gong) before practicing the core competencies on the mat through physical exercise (Weh Gong). Students were encouraged to practice demonstrating proper Shim Gong or spiritual exercise. This was accomplished by starting with no contact sparring or Gun Nun Dae Ryun. The Kwan Jang Nim also discussed the importance of working with partners as opposed to working against opponents. Through this practice, Moo Do Shim Gong or proper martial spirit is developed

Students were shown how to improve their timing, endurance, distance, speed, and targeting through practical drills that covered the initial move, closing the gap, and strategic retreating or getting out. As part of this practice, participants learned select combinations or flow sets such as:

  • High/Lows
  • Low/Highs
  • Re-directional Techniques
  • Switch-offs
  • Shuffle and Slide-Up Combinations
  • Spinning and Sweeping Counters
  • Fakes and Feints

Participants were also instructed on how to become a stronger offensive and defensive sparer using UM/YANG theory. As the Grandmaster said, "you may favor one over the other but it is important to be able to transition quickly between both." In other words, the two must co-exist in harmony or balance if you are to build a rock solid foundation.
A DVD was created of all curriculum covered and is available on-line or through direct contact. To learn more or order, please contact APTSDF Headquarters at (678) 446-1183 or email KJN@aptsdf.org.

 By Nancy James, E Dan