2013 New England Regional Championships

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 4:32pm — webmaster
The New England Regional Championships and the Fall Dan Shim Sa (black belt test) for the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation were held on the weekend of October 18-19.  These events were held at Great Bay Karate in Dover, New Hampshire.  It was honor to have Kwan Jang Nim St. James and Master Deborah Jett fly up from Georgia to attend these events again this year.
There were about 100 students competing in this year’s tournament.  Our black belt competition was a great start to this year’s events.  Mr. David Ferri, a Cho Dan, from Rivera Tang Soo Do won the men’s grand champion cup while Ms. Haley McClure, an E Dan, from Taenamu Tang Soo Do won the women’s grand champion cup.  Both grand champion winners were from Connecticut this year.
During opening ceremonies there were a number of new ranks awarded.    Master Brian Hebert and Master Robin Hebert became 4th Degree Masters and International Master Christian Klacko received his 6th Degree.  Also, receiving the rank of 6th Degree after meeting his probationary period was International Master Antonio Rivera, Jr.  Approximately fifteen other students received their black belts and certificates as well.  Following the promotions, both Great Bay Karate and Cambridge Tang Soo Do performed amazing demos for our enjoyment. 
After opening ceremonies, the Cho Dan Bo and Gup competition began.  Throughout the afternoon students of all ages competed in divisions appropriate for their rank. After a very successful Championship, nearly 100 Federation members and their families gathered for what has become a New England post Championship tradition. Newick’s Restaurant (lobster pound) was the scene of a celebratory dinner and APTSDF family gathering. The food was great as usual as was the company.
On Sunday morning the black belt test began.  There were six individuals testing for a higher black belt rank.  Testing was from Cho Dan to Sam Dan.  All of the individuals testing demonstrated hand techniques, feet techniques, hand and feet combinations, hyungs, weapons, ho sin sul, rolls and falls, sparring and breaking as well as completing a written exam.  At the end, the Best of Test went to Mr. Bob Thomas and Mr. Alexander South, both of Cambridge Tang Soo Do.

All in all, the 2013 APTSDF New England Regional Championship and Dan Shim Sa was a tremendous success.  

Respectfully Submitted,

Ms. Haley McClure, E Dan
Taenamu Tang Soo Do
Southbury, CT.