Grandmaster St James Trains the Royal Dutch Marines in Aruba

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 8:00am — webmaster

Aruba Tang Soo Do,  under the direction of Mr. Richard Vrolijk, E Dan hosted Grandmaster John St. James and Sr. Master James Allison for the 3rd Annual APTSDF Black Belt Seminar, Dan Shim Sa (Black Belt Test), All Island Clinic, and the first ever Elite Warrior Training seminar with the Royal Dutch Marines from December 1 thru the 3rd on the beautiful island of Aruba in the Caribbean.


After the training with the Royal Dutch Marines, the officer in charge wrote, “Grandmaster John St. James, with this letter I want to thank you for the combat martial arts training my military personal received from you on Thursday 1 December 2011. We have learned a lot on how to use the tactics you have demonstrated and teach us. We are going to use the tactics for our security personal and for the infantry platoon close combat training. I appreciate the time you have given us for the training seminar. You and chief master James Allison are always welcome on the military camp of Aruba to give us more training. In the future we will make contact when you are back on Aruba. Again Thanks a lot. 

Captain Cederik Werleman. Royal Dutch marines Aruba


The weekend’s event program coordinator, Mr. Richard Vrolijk did a wonderful job of gathering a total of 35 foreign and local Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation exponents (mostly black belts and black belt candidates) from several countries. Members from Aruba, Holland, and United States came together for an action packed weekend of learning, growing, and sharing. We were also very fortunate to have Sr. Master Allison who while being a member of the APTSDF and 5th Degree Master Instructor in Tang Soo Do is also an 8th Degree Black Belt and organizational head of the International Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan Association. In addition to Tang Soo Do, clinic and seminar attendees were able to learn state of the art Hapkido.


In addition to special training with the Royal Dutch Marines, Grandmaster St. James and Sr. Master Allison taught an open seminar for black belts and black belt candidates from all over the island. Although primarily Tang Soo Do students attended, there were several instructors from other Korean disciplines as well as Japanese and Okinawan systems in attendance. Grandmaster St. James would like to extend his thanks for all those who supported this excellent opportunity to promote friendship and cultural exchange amongst all those persons involved in the martial arts and in particular the members of the APTSDF. The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation continues to strive to enhance the relationship among martial arts schools throughout the world. 


By Sr. Master D. Jett, Oh Dan