2011 TAC Tour - The Art of Ho Sin Sul - Building The Foundation

Sun, 03/20/2011 - 11:28pm — webmaster

The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation came together to kick-off its first ever TAC Tour of the Southeastern and Northeastern United States recently. Kwan Jang Nim John St. James, founder of the Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation and Master James Allison, TAC Ho Sin Sul Coordinator joined forces for the three (3) week tour.  Master Allison in addition to being a 4th Dan Master instructor with the APTSDF is also the founder and president of the International Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan Association and an 8th Dan in Hapkido. The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation and the International Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan Association are associated through the Asia Atlantic Alliance and work closely together. 

This event materialized after the Technical Advisory Committee set-up a “TAC Tour” of different Federation schools to coincide with the Federation’s recent creation of the “TAC” or Technical Advisory Committee.  It was also set-up so that Grandmaster St. James could share his vision of the future with member schools as it relates to state of the art Ho Sin Sul.
In all, seventeen (17) clinics and seminars were conducted throughout ten (10) states.
Other TAC Tours are scheduled for next year in other parts of the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Chile, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. This year’s tour however featured a very special introduction to real deal self defense utilizing various theories of escape, control, and neutralization. It also focused on joint locks using the theories of Yu (water principle), Won (circular energy), and Hwa (harmonization of force).
This year’s TAC Tour included stops in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. Side trips to Maine and New Jersey were also part of the itinerary. Grandmaster recently completed similar seminars in Southern California and the island of Aruba. In addition to Grandmaster St. James and Master Allison, the following Masters instructors were in attendance: 6th Dan Master Carole Coker, 5th Dan Masters, Stacy Busby, Deborah Jett, Antonio Rivera, Jr., and Christian Klacko. Fourth Dan Masters: Heather Potter, Michael Jett, Jason Duva, Luis Parra-Flores, Trevor Becker, and Mikhail Kuns.
In addition to the Ko Dan Ja, Yu Dan Ja, and gups, this year’s clinic was also attended by senior ranks from outside of the Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation as all clinics and seminars were open to anyone who wanted to attend. As space is limited in this article, Grandmaster St. James extends his deepest appreciation to all those who attended and participated as students from other organizations especially Master Ou Nam Kwon who is from Hopewell Junction, NY. Master Kwon is a 6th Dan in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. Master Kwon is also a 5th Dan in Kumyedo (Korean Sword Art). We also like to thank Master David Molitano, 4th Dan of Cheezic’s Tang Soo Do and Master David Fuller for their support and attendance.  
Training at this year’s TAC Tour included sessions on Il Soo Sik (One Step Sparring), real deal self defense, the basic 9 joint locks including beginner, intermediate, and advance pressure point manipulation. More advanced students were treated to self defense from weapons including the dagger and short stick. Additionally students were treated to advanced Ho Sin Sul from a punch, grab, and weapon.  

Judging by this year’s attendance (approx. 400 participants), there is much to look forward to in 2012. For more information or to schedule an Art of Ho Sin Sul clinic, please call the Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation at (678) 446-1183