2010 Southeast Regional Black Belt Camp

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 5:43pm — webmaster

The Southeastern region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation had its annual black belt camp on the weekend of October 22-24, 2010. It was held at Camp ASCCA in Jackson’s Gap, AL, for the tenth time. Camp started on Friday evening with the fall black belt test. There were approximately fifty participants, almost all of whom exceeded their instructors’ expectations to make for a very successful exam. Best test went to Benjamin Leverett of Two Dragons Martial Arts for the children and Jackie Snezek of Karate World of North Georgia for the adults. Everyone was particularly proud of Mr. Leverett and Miss Snezek. Miss Snezek was testing for her Sam Dan and has been training for over ten years. Those students who didn’t participate in the test were treated to an early dinner and classes in self-defense and staff with Master James Allison and Master Mike Jett.

The next morning, camp started in earnest with a class in Dan Jun Ho Hap (ki breathing) from Master James Allison. Master Allison, in addition to being a Sah Dan master in our Federation, is a Grandmaster of Hap Ki Do (8th Dan) and founder of the International Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan Association. Our own KJN is a master in his organization as well. He taught us several breathing exercises as well as their applications in training. Afterwards, the campers split out to train with the masters on their testing forms. The rest of the day, everyone was given opportunity to train with all of the masters in such disciplines as sparring, breaking, ho sin sul, and weapons. Kwan Jang Nim himself offered his annual staff class out on the baseball field, as well as an important lesson on discipline and protocol.

In the late afternoon, campers were able to choose from several recreational activities: archery, climbing wall and zip-line, miniature golf, and or some extra training in the pavilion. This also served as an opportunity for two candidates to test for their instructor’s license in front of Kwan Jang Nim and a panel of international and senior masters. After a fabulous steak dinner, KJN gave a talk on the philosophy of the martial arts (Moo Do Chul Hak). In the evening, the children and teens got to see a movie, and the adults had a bonfire. It was a great night to form bonds with people from different schools.

On Sunday morning, KJN Allison gave another special class, this time a crash course on the foundations of self-defense in Hap Ki Do. He gave everyone some much needed instruction in a difficult field of the martial arts, and also shared a memorable lesson: it is better to hurt than to maim, and it is better to maim than to kill. After this, we finished camp with a short sparring class taught by Masters Mike Jett and Parra-Flores Sa Bom Nim, and a session of forms to the drum by Kwan Jang Nim. This has become a camp tradition, and teaches everyone to really become one with the selected form. Camp seemed to go quickly this year. It was agreed by students and masters to be one of the best camps we’d ever had, and we went home to our respective schools already looking forward to next year.