2010 New England Regional Blackbelt Camp & Dan Shim Sa

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The 2010 Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation New England Black Belt Camp and Regional Dan Shim Sa took place over the May 21st-23rd weekend. This was the 4th annual event of its kind in the New England region. The setting was YMCA Camp Woodstock in the Northeastern hills of Connecticut, where the picturesque background set the stage for a wonderful and productive time. Some 20 test candidates brought their skills and talents to the test center on Friday evening and performed admirably for the test panel. Best of test for adults was given to Mr. Chris Cochran of the Southbury Academy of Karate, while best of test for our youth was given to Nicholas Hebert also from the Southbury Academy of Karate.  Congratulations go out to all of those who tested. Campers not testing on Friday were treated to a fantastic workout in the nearby training hall.





The remainder of the weekend was filled with opportunities to learn from KJN St. James, our regional senior masters, master instructors, and other high rank. These opportunities included Ho Sin Sul, knife basics and defense, sword basics and one-steps, sparring strategies, hyung refinement, bong hyung sessions, aikido training, and much more. Informal talks on Tang Soo Do philosophy, breaking barriers, and healthy lifestyles were also enjoyed by our participants. The quality of instruction at this year's camp was stellar to say the least. Some downtime was afforded to our youth campers on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the surroundings and take part in fun activities such as archery and rock climbing. CIT (certified instructor training) testing for 2 candidates also took place in stages over the weekend. Congratulations go out to Mr. Chris Cochran and Mr. Jeff O’Sullivan for all their hard work and efforts.
Sincerest thanks go out to all of those who participated and volunteered their time and talents to make this a superb experience. We were very fortunate to have present KJN St. James, Senior Masters Rivera, Sattler and Klacko, Masters Becker (Regional Director), Fernandez (Camp Coordinator) and Duva, and our other high rank instructors.


Friendships were rekindled and a sense of camaraderie was in full bloom during this time together. It was repeatedly brought to the forefront that no matter what or where the setting, utmost importance was placed on the fact that we were all together training as a Martial Arts family. Tang Soo!!
 Submitted by Dr. Anil Mathew - Cho Dan
Southington Martial Arts