Habit of Resiliency

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 1:57pm — Grandmaster

Also known as the ability to bounce back strong. Sooner or later, every great Champion and every achiever suffers setbacks, road blocks and obstacles.

Tough times never last…but tough people do.


The Habit of Resiliency is a Champion’s ability to get back up and come back

fighting strong after being knocked down. For a high performance achiever, it

may be a defeat in special competition or rejection in a business negotiation.


It may be your need and ability to overcome sickness, injury or a negative emotional experience. The reality of life is that none of us is immune to negative things happening in our lives.


Resiliency is your ability to deal with a tough situation or a challenge and bounce back quickly and become better because of it.


Mentally, physically and/or emotionally, you will be tested and you must step up to the challenge and overcome the odds. It may even feel like your swimming against the current. That’s Okay, resistance makes you stronger.


Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour de France winner, overcame cancer to win again and again. He says:  “It’s not about winning, it’s about not losing and not giving up. When you give up…you fail. If you keep trying and you never give up…you’re a winner!”


Winner’s Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!


Most of the obstacles you face in life...are nothing more than mental barriers that

can be overcome simply by adopting a more positive approach. Stay focused on

what you want and let nothing and nobody get in your way.


To develop the Habit of Resiliency, here are a few suggestions:


<> Think back to a tough situation in the past that you survived and thrived. What

did you do that actually made you stronger from dealing with your challenge?


<> Look at your current toughest challenge. What can you do to improve your mind

set toward dealing with it? How can you prepare in advance to be tougher mentally?


<> Look into the future and think in advance to how you may better deal with anything

that may cause you stress or challenge. Physically, financially or otherwise.



HEALTH & FITNESS TIP: An Ounce of Prevention =>A Pound of Cure!


When it comes to your own health and fitness, as well as that of your

families. Think about your daily habits and how you can prevent yourself

from getting sick when everyone around you is complaining about the flu.


Check your hygiene habits, wash your hands frequently. Allow time for

proper rest and recharge, eat well everyday and train yourself mentally,

physically and emotionally.


Never downplay the mental side of staying healthy. We all know the person that believe they are going to get sick because it's flu season,

and they do. Opposite of that is the Champion that doesn't believe they will ever get sick...and they don't!


Take great care of yourself year round, think healthy thoughts and keep

your distance from people that are sick...and you'll be practicing the ounce

of prevention theory versus needing a pound of cure for your ailments.