Happy New Years!

Tue, 01/05/2010 - 10:54pm — Grandmaster

Happy New Years!

2010 is here and it's time to start the New Year Fast & Furious...

Are you eager to make it your best ever?

Would you like it to be your best for Health...Wealth and Happiness?

Author, Steven Covey says: "To Predict the Future...you must create it!"
Start creating your perfect year by first creating it in your mind.
Close your eyes and picture your "Perfect Year" in your mind.
Visualize the Year 2010 going exactly as you planned, hoped and dreamed.
This exercise, called VISUALIZATION is practiced by Olympic Athletes, Champions in sports, Martial Arts, business, politics and nearly every type of high level achievement.
It's a very powerful exercise and it's proven to help you create clarity about your dreams
and goals for the New Year. Once you've drawn a picture of your perfect year in your mind,
it's best to take a few minutes to write down your goals.
This is called your WISHLIST or your VISION for 2010.
Powerful and positive steps to creating your picture perfect year.
Write down everything as if you absolutely knew you could not fail.
There are rarely unrealistic goals, however, often there are unrealistic deadlines.
A Goal is merely a Dream with a Deadline.
The moment you take action to write down your goals, you begin to create them.
Experts in human performance say that the simple act of writing down your Goals for the
New Year, or anytime, gives them 10x more power and increases your odds of success
and achievement ten fold. By writing them down, you've created greater clarity and this
gives you a power most people will never possess.
Don't Wait...Create.
If you want to see 2010 be your best ever...TAKE ACTION NOW!
If you're serious about making 2010 your best year ever...
Join us for the 90 Day Fitness Challenge, official start date is January 15th, 2010.
Simply let your instructor know you want to participate, get weighed in and set your goal.
Maybe you want to drop 10 pounds...or more.
Maybe you want to gain 10 pounds...or more.
Whatever your personal Health & Fitness Goal is, get ready to GO PUBLIC and commit to
make it happen during the 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge. NO COSTS...JUST SWEAT!
Get ready to start your year FAST & FURIOUS by getting yourself into Top Shape.
Start your year strong, flexible, lean and fit with energy to burn.
Join me and your instructors by starting the year with a personal
and positive goal for BEST SHAPE}=>BEST YOU}=>BEST YEAR!
When you are in top physical conditioning, you remain healthier, experience less stress
and feel better about yourself. Improved self-image gives you greater confidence and
courage to go after bigger and better goals for success and achievement.
Goals have Buddies...when you achieve success in one area of life,
it has a positive impact and direct influence on others areas as well.