Habits of Excellence - Repetition is the Mother of Learning and Skill

Mon, 08/10/2009 - 2:00am — Grandmaster


 "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently practicing and applying basic fundamentals."

-- Jim Rohn


Habit of Spirited Repetition
Champions understand that the key to mastery is Spirited Repetition.
Repetition is often referred to as the Mother of Learning or Skill.
Champions master their skills by repeating basic motions over
and over again. They know that it takes more than just practice
to reach excellence.
It takes Spirited Repetition to perfect all of the fundamental skills.
One of the best ways to accelerate your success and achievement in any area of your life, especially your Martial Arts…is to practice, drill and rehearse it until it becomes natural and fluent.
When you practice/drill/rehearse with the intent of becoming great, you’ll give it better attention and spirit.
Where attention goes…energy flows and results begin to show!
This is true in your Martial Arts and any other area of life that you are striving to improve
and achieve excellent results in. Imagine how many practice sessions someone like Tiger Woods has had in his lifetime.
Why has Tiger Woods become one of the greatest golfers of all time?
You can bet Spirited Repetition had a lot to do with his success.
How many times do you think Tiger Woods has driven the ball from a practice tee? How about Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, or more recently Kobe Bryant lobbing free throws from the practice court? Or how many times do think Roger Federer has practiced his forehand, backhand, and serve on the tennis court? Look at any world champion and the answer becomes clear. The answer is always…
As many times as it takes!
By developing the Habit of Spirited Repetition in your Martial Arts training, you’ll see improvement in your skills, confidence and overall conditioning.
You’ll see benefit in everything you do outside of the dojang as well.
“The way you do anything influences the way you do everything!”
As part of our Habits of Excellence series, we encourage you to train and
develop the Habit of Spirited Repetition on the mats and off the mats.
At work, in school, during study time or doing anything you wish to excel at.
“Life is a lot more fun when you are excelling at it!"